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Hi. Welcome to Arif at My

About this blog ?

As some of you guys may notice, this blog will be that kind of blog that shares the thought or what ever the writer finds necessary. It sounds kinda typical, but hey its not something wrong as misused citizens tax money right ? You may found about maths, current issues, foods, something annoying, or your future *cough*

About me ?

Am an 70% introvert, 30% trying not to be an introvert, 10% annoying, 10% awkwardness, 20% fool, 20% senile, 50% profanity, 20% sarcasms, 99% trying to stay alive, and 400% a human being.

I love maths, Dota, critical thinking topic and question, 7.0 imdb movies lover, arguing, all sort of animal which mostly cat, procrastinating, sleeping, eat tasty food, and travel.

I really love traveling, but almost all the time am in short, so i just made only a few.

Oh, I am not a native speaker of English, though I might using it a lot in this blog. You might find a lot of mistakes that I made until this line, and that I might make in the future, please dont hesitate to correct me through the comment. 

As for the "why using English ?" I am currently a student, found that English is important in the future though I didnt set my mind yet on what to be. 

Have a nice day...

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